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Paris France uncovering everything you need to know

Paris France, the surprising energy, architecture and gardens ! ”Why visit Paris France and what’s there to see & do”​ Wine Pro tip, stock up on delicious cheap wine from the local grocery stores! Sites Check our blog for a review of 9 ‘arrondissements’ in Paris and what to visit. 4-5 days Minimum recommended stay

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Discovering Mère Poulard, Mont Saint-Michel

Where : La Mère Poulard, Mont Saint-Michel You must try the famous giant soufflé omelet.  These omelettes are hand-made hammered copper bowls and cooked over an open fire.  This combination along with a specific whisking pattern creates the fluffiest, airiest omelette you’ve ever seen ! It’s a Normandy tradition and “La Mere Poulard” claims to have

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Discovering Mont Saint-Michel, France

Mont Saint-Michel, France Mont-Saint-Michel is one of the places that impressed us the most during our tour in France. It’s a magical place and the surrounding views are breathtaking. What we consider important pointers Plan an early visit to the ‘island’ as it gets crowded very quickly.  We visited in April and expected very little

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Discovering St-Pierre Church, Mont Saint-Michel

A nice break! While discovering the Mont Saint-Michel, we took a small break from the touristic area and visited Église Saint-Pierre.  Not that we needed a break, however continuously being surrounded by herds of tourists can fell exhausting. The entire island, if you will, is like a labyrinth and maze to be discovered.  It’s truly

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