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Strasbourg La petite France
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Strasbourg, Discover La Petite France and the Big Island

Strasbourg, the small city that packs a punch ! ''Why visit Strasbourg and what's there to see & do''​ Starter Start discovering Strasbourg with the Batorama boat tour on the Faux-Rempart canal. Sites Check our blog for a review of 8 'must sees' in Strasbourg. 2-3 days Minimum recommended stay in Strasbourg ! This Strasbourg Blog is divided into 3 sections. First we'll identify top places to discover in Strasbourg.Then we'll list a few day trips & lastly 'cool spots' to check out in the city.We've also made a Google My Maps which is Free to download.Scroll down to find out more on the itinerary list. Why did we visit Strasbourg ? We took a sabbatical in 2016, started by

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Discovering Au Quai de L’ill, Strasbourg

Where : Au Quai de L'ill restaurant, Strasbourg Our apartment was located 3 minutes walk from this restaurant.  The Google reviews looked good, so we decided to give a try. We definitely like the ambience and the service was quick and friendly.  They recommended the local tarte flambées or Flammekueche, which was really tasty. Our server was also nice enough to help us find a cool local pub.  We planned to visit Au Fût et à Mesure but hesitated we would get our money's worth.  This is when a local pub started to sound more appealing to us.  It was a really good start to the night ! Our Ratings Serge: 5  Eli:  5 Recommend: Yes !

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Discovering Les Berthom, Strasbourg

Disclosure: This page contains affiliate links, meaning We receive a commission if you decide to purchase using our links mentioned in this page, however at no additional cost to you. Where : Les Berthom, Strasbourg, France While researching restaurants, bars and pubs in Strasbourg, we came across a place called 'Au fût et à Mesure' which is a self pouring beer pub.  What a great concept, where you pay a flat fee and bounce from table to table to savour different beers.  Luckily we inquired about it with our waiter during dinner and realized that it wouldn't be the right place for us since we prefer discovering where the locals go.  The staff recommended we visit 'Les Berthom' instead.   With that,

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Discovering Ponts Couverts, Strasbourg

Where : Ponts Couverts,  Strasbourg, France One of the main points to visit in Strasbourg is the Petite France historic centre. The paths will lead you to one of the most beautiful points of the city called “The Ponts Couverts”.  According to Wikipedia, the bridges erected in the 13th century on the River III.  They are essentially, sets of three bridges and four towers that make up a defensive work. The towers, river, nature and historical buildings gives the impression of a magical Fairy Tale.  If you go to the Barrage Vauban you will get a panoramic view that you will never forget. Strasbourg has charm and the Ponts Couverts will heighten that sense.  We thought it was one of the

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Discovering Barrage Vauban, Strasbourg

Where : Barrage Vauban, Strasbourg, France If you plan to visit Strasbourg, add “Barrage Vauban” to your must discovers! The Barrage Vauban or Vauban Dam is a bridge from the 17th century on the River III.  From this point, you can see a great panoramic view of Strasbourg, including the Petite France and the river.  We recommend a boat ride and most importantly exploring the grounds.  The rooftop is accessible and offers yet another panoramic view of Strasbourg's Petite France, part of the Ponts Couverts and river.  This unique setting will make you feel like you travelled back in time. According to Wikipedia, the barrage has 13 arches and is 120 metres (390ft) in length.  It’s classified as a historical

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Discovering Batorama, Strasbourg

Where : Batorama, Strasbourg, France We arrived in Strasbourg mid-afternoon and by this time the boat tour was full for the day.  As a result, we pre-purchased the tickets for the following morning. It was cloudy and partially raining the next day, so the glass covered boat was the perfect way to tour the city. The tickets for “Batorama Bateaux Promenades" were roughly $ 18.37cad per person (13 euros p/person). Our impression is that, it was really worth our time and money since we were leaving the following day.  The boat ride allowed us to see the main points, for example the “Old town” and the modern side of the city, located on the opposite side of the small city.

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Discovering Cathedrale Notre-Dame de Strasbourg, Strasbourg

Where : Strasbourg Cathedral (Cathedrale Notre-Dame de Strasbourg),  Strasbourg, France Once settled in Strasbourg, we immediately left our apartment to visit the city.  This is when we tried to get the Batorama boat tour but it was full for the remainder of the day.  As we recall, the ticket booth is relatively close to the Notre-Dame Cathedral which became our first tourist attraction.  It had just started to rain, so this was the perfect shelter. The Church immediately captures many people's attention with its rich details and splendid façade in a kind of gothic or medieval style. We recall it was free to enter but there was a 5 euro fee for those who wanted to get panoramic view from the

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