Discovering Man at work, Bratislava

Discovering Bratislava

Where : Man at work, Bratislava Discovering Man at work. Walking in Bratislava old town streets is a fun way to go back in time.  You'll find some funny histories behind each statue located in and around the main square. The most famous and really intriguing is called “Cumil – The watcher”.  The sign next to […]

Discovering Bratislava Castle, Bratislava

Discovering Bratislava Castle

Where : Bratislava Castle Discovering Bratislava Castle, Bratislava Bratislava Castle is a short walking distance from the Old Town Square.  You'll easily spot the rectangular building located on top of the rocky hill beside the Danube river. On a beautiful day, it would be a great idea to walk, take some pictures and enjoy the […]

Discovering Main Square (Hlavné námestie), Bratislava

Discovering Hlavné Namestie

Where : Main Square (Hlavné námestie) - Bratislava Discovering Hlavné námestie, Bratislava Bratislava is a small but really charming city.  The Hlavné Namestie, which translates to main square, will demonstrate just that.  There's a nice open space with beautiful architecture and colorful buildings.  You'll also find many restaurants, church, souvenirs stores and funny statues like Napoleon’s […]

Discovering St Michael’s Gate, Bratislava

Where : St Michael's Gate, Bratislava Discovering St Michael's Gate We took the tram to Bratislava old town.  The hotel staff was suggested a couple of exits to start discovering the city.  So we chose to start with St Michael’s Gate, which is also a good way to access the Old Town main square. Where is it […]

Discovering Kapitelplatz & Kapitelschwemme, Salzburg

Discovering Neptune's fountain

Where : Kapitelplatz & Kapitelschwemme Discovering Kapitelplatz & Kapitelschwemme. We quickly visited the beautiful 'Kapitelplatz & Kapitelschwemme' square as we left the Salzburg Cathedral.  Actually, it's also quite close to Residenzplatz and Mozartplatz, so feel free to check these out also. A few things make this square stand out from the rest.  First of all, there is […]

Discovering Mozartplatz, Salzburg

Salzburg old town and Mozartplatz were both undergoing some construction when we visited in May of 2017. The square has some restaurants, cafes, a touristic office information where you can get some tips on where to visit.   According to one of our pictures, the number 17 on the HopOn HopOff of Old Town tour. […]

Discovering Residenzplatz, Salzburg 

Where : Residenzplatz, Salzburg  When visiting Salzburg, consider visiting Residenzplatz.  Which is one of the famous squares to visit in the Old Town.  This is exactly where the residence building of the Prince Archbishops of Salzburg and the Salzburg Cathedral are located. This is a great location to visit, here's why. First, the architecture and history bring […]

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