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Discovering Paranapiacaba - city view

Day trip to Paranapiacaba

A lovely city with a nice history This little charm of a city is but 1 hour away from São Bernardo do Campo or 2 hours away from São Paulo city centre. Panapiacaba is a great option to spend some time outside the busy city.  There are many things to do there, such as, having a good lunch or coffee, visit the Museum Train Station or the Church.  There is also an option to enjoy the nature with waterfalls, hiking, campgrounds and take one of the many ecco tourism provided by local tourist agency. Paranapiacaba history Paranapiacaba inaugurated in the mid 1860 thanks to the São Paulo Railway.  In 1874, the station opened under Alto da Serra, and was later called Paranapiacaba.  It first served as a passenger

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