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Discovering São Paulo - holambra windmill
São Paulo

Discovering São Paulo – Holambra and Campinas

Discovering São Paulo – Holambra and Campinas Why Holambra and Campinas combined ?  Because Holambra is such a small town, you can see practically everything in one afternoon.  You have the possibility of driving from São Paulo and back in the same day (roughly two hours each way) or make a pit stop in Campinas (roughly 50 minutes from Holambra) to sleep overnight. We opted to sleep in Campinas because we wanted to discover more and we were visiting friends. About Holambra Holambra is a cute city in the countryside of São Paulo.  The city was founded in 1991 near Campinas in virtue of a Holland colony.  When in Brazil, it’s the closest thing to seeing the real thing !  In a very

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Discovering São Paulo - holambra windmill

Countryside of São Paulo

São Paulo, is the most populated city in Brazil and one of the largest in the world. Yet it’s not considered the hot tourist destination in Brazil, but Why? More to São Paulo Many people consider São Paulo for business purposes only. Little do they know that São Paulo is rich in culture and famous for the night life. Additionally there’s a great and unique restaurants offering with international and local Brazilian cuisine. Also, load up your wallet for the amazing shopping malls with current a great exchange rate. We call tell you, that being one of the biggest metropolis in the world, São Paulo can be scary at first. It’s ok to feel that way as you should take

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