Discovering LX Factory: Lisbon’s Trendy Urban Oasis

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LX Factory is a perfect getaway from Lisbon’s typical tourist attractions, offering an experience that stands out on its own.

We from Discovering Destinations visited LX Factory in October 2019 and had an amazing afternoon enjoying the art, food, and culture of this best-kept secret for art lovers in Lisbon.

Originally a factory in the 1800s, LX Factory has undergone a remarkable transformation. The industrial feel of the old factory is now seamlessly blended with an artsy twist, creating a space that inspires with its potential for transformation. This creative makeover not only captivates visitors but also serves as a powerful reminder of the importance of recycling and repurposing instead of destroying and rebuilding.

In this blog, we will share our experience discovering LX Factory:

  • from the delightful afternoon snacks and drinks;
  • to the inspiring arts;
  • shopping around;

We’ll also provide tips on how to get there, how long to spend, and the best things we did back in 2019, along with updated information from 2024.

We invite you to read to the end to check out all our tips and much more.

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How to Get to LX Factory

LX Factory
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Getting to LX Factory is a breeze, whether you’re coming from Lisbon or Belém.

We from Discovering Destinations spent all morning in Belém and stopped by LX Factory on our way back to Lisbon, making it a perfect addition to our itinerary.

From Lisbon:

  1. Public Transport: We highly recommend taking public transport. Why? Well, a) parking can be tricky around LX Factory, b) Lisbon has an excellent public transport network, and c) the Lisbon transit pass is super convenient and affordable!
  2. Tram #15: Hop on Tram #15 from Cais do Sodré. This tram will take you straight to LX Factory and continues all the way to Belém. Easy peasy!
  3. Eco TukTuk: For a fun and eco-friendly option, consider taking an Eco TukTuk. It’s not only a unique way to travel but also reasonably priced. You can book in advance through platforms like Get Your Guide. Look for tours like “Lisboa: Passeio turístico em Belém com Eco TukTuk” to check out all that’s included.

From Belém:

  1. Tram #15: If you’re already in Belém, just catch Tram #15 heading back towards Cais do Sodré and hop off at LX Factory. It’s quick and gives you a chance to relax and enjoy the ride. It’s actually what we did.
  2. Eco TukTuk: If we had known back then, we would have definitely chosen an Eco TukTuk tour from Belém to LX Factory. It’s a fun way to see more of the city and enjoy a unique travel experience. We tried a TukTuk on our last day in Lisbon and absolutely loved it!

Public transport and Eco TukTuks are great ways to explore Lisbon and get to LX Factory, offering convenience and a bit of adventure. Don’t forget to check out our other blog post about getting around Lisbon and where to buy the transit pass for more handy tips!

Check for Eco TukTuks at Get Your Guide!

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How to Plan Your Time to Visit LX Factory

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Planning your visit to LX Factory is key to making the most of your time in Lisbon. Here’s a quick guide to help you plan your trip efficiently and ensure you don’t miss a thing.

Travel Time: First, factor in about 30 minutes each way from Lisbon to LX Factory. Keep an eye on your smartphone’s GPS until you get close to the LX Factory because the tram operator might not announce the stop. Once you arrive, it’s just a matter of minutes on foot to the main entrance.

Exploration Time: We recommend planning a minimum of 2-3 hours at LX Factory. You’ll want to stroll around and soak in the vibrant atmosphere, admire the unique stores and street art, and perhaps grab a drink on one of the charming terraces.

Whether you’re visiting from Lisbon or Belém, making time for LX Factory is totally worth it. The eclectic mix of art, food, and culture makes it one of Lisbon’s must-see spots. Enjoy exploring LX Factory!

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What to Do When Visiting LX Factory

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1. Get Acquainted with the Grounds

When you first arrive at LX Factory, take a stroll around the entire area to get a feel for the place. You’ll find a diverse array of restaurants, unique shops, art installations, and more. This initial walk will help you decide where you want to spend more time.

2. Enjoy a Drink or Meal

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After exploring a bit, pick a restaurant or café to relax. There are many terraces where you can sit and enjoy a drink or meal. We recommend trying ‘Cafe na Fábrica’ for a great start. Take this time to soak in the vibrant atmosphere and plan your next steps.

3. Explore the Shops and Art

Now it’s time to dive into the shops that caught your eye. There’s something for everyone, from the fascinating bookstore Ler Devagar to trinket and homeware stores.

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Our big tip is to really get lost in the streets of LX Factory and enjoy all the creativity and inspiring art around. Also, don’t miss out on the clothing shops, souvenir stores, and even a surf shop. Each store offers a unique experience and plenty of opportunities for discovering local treasures.

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4. Discover Hidden Gems

With so much to explore, give yourself enough time to find all the hidden gems within LX Factory. From barber shops to art galleries, every corner of this mini-village has something special. Stay curious and take your time to fully experience all that LX Factory has to offer.

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LX Factory – Recommended Circuit

LX Factory
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When you enter LX Factory, you’ll notice many restaurants. Depending on your arrival time, grab a drink and find a spot on a terrace.

Next, wander through the factory grounds, exploring the unique art and shops. Notable spots include the bookstore Ler Devagar, various trinket and homeware stores, and a variety of clothing shops.

Just an extra tip: You can always check the LX Factory official website for current art and music events you might want to join.

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Where to Eat at LX Factory

LX Factory
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Where to Eat?

It’s hard to imagine so many restaurant options inside an old factory, but rest assured, LX Factory has you covered. Whether you’re looking to grab a quick snack or sit down for a full meal, there’s a spot for every craving.

Back in 2019, we ordered from ‘Cafe na Fábrica,’ which offers burgers, bowls, and fish options. Since we were in between meals, we opted for a filling snack – Coxinha (a delicious fried chicken croquette). It hit the spot perfectly!

However, we are not sure they are still opened since we didn’t find the same restaurant on Google. This said, you can always check the official LX Website for Restaurants < CLICKING HERE >.

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Here are a few more dining recommendations based on our recent review on Google in 2024:

  1. 1300 Taberna: Known for its creative dishes and cozy atmosphere, 1300 Taberna is perfect for a more upscale dining experience. Their Octopus Rice and Chocolate Mousse are highly recommended.
  2. Microburguer and Music: If you’re in the mood for something more casual, Microburguer and Music serves up some of the best burgers in Lisbon. Their truffle fries are a must-try!
  3. Landeau Chocolate: Don’t forget dessert! Landeau Chocolate is famous for its rich and decadent chocolate cake. It’s the perfect way to end your meal at LX Factory.

No matter where you choose to eat, LX Factory offers a unique dining experience that combines delicious food with an artistic and vibrant atmosphere. Enjoy exploring all the culinary delights this place has to offer!

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Top Tips for Visiting LX Factory

LX Factory inside street
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What to Wear:

When visiting LX Factory, comfort is key. The area is filled with cobblestone streets and unique shops, so comfortable walking shoes are a must. Depending on the season, dress in layers.

  • Spring and Fall: Light jackets and layers are perfect for these mild seasons. A stylish yet comfy outfit will help you blend in with the trendy vibe of LX Factory.
  • Summer: Lisbon can get quite hot in the summer, so light, breathable clothing is best. Don’t forget your sunglasses, hat, and sunscreen!
  • Winter: While winters are mild, it’s still a good idea to bring a warm jacket and a cozy scarf.

Best Time to Visit:

While LX Factory is a great destination year-round, some times are better than others:

  • Spring (March to May): The weather is pleasant, and the area isn’t too crowded. It’s a great time to enjoy the outdoor terraces and explore the shops.
  • Fall (September to November): Similar to spring, fall offers mild weather and fewer tourists. It’s ideal for leisurely strolls and discovering hidden gems.
  • Summer (June to August): Summer is peak tourist season in Lisbon, which means more crowds but also a lively atmosphere. If you visit during summer, aim for early morning or late afternoon to avoid the heat.
  • Winter (December to February): Even in winter, Lisbon remains relatively mild. It’s the quietest time to visit, so if you prefer fewer crowds, this is a great option.
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Additional Tips:

  • Stay Hydrated: Especially if you’re visiting in the summer, carry a water bottle to stay hydrated.
  • Plan Ahead: LX Factory can get busy, especially on weekends. Plan your visit during weekdays if you prefer a quieter experience.
  • Use Public Transport: As mentioned earlier, public transport is convenient and eco-friendly. Consider taking the Tram #15 or an Eco TukTuk for a fun journey.

These tips should help you make the most of your visit to LX Factory, ensuring a comfortable and enjoyable experience!

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Thank you for reading our guide to exploring LX Factory!

We hope our tips and recommendations help you make the most of your visit.

Don’t forget to check out our other blogs for more insights and advice on planning the perfect trip to Portugal. Whether you’re looking for hidden gems, local cuisine, or travel tips, we’ve got you covered. Happy travels from Discovering Destinations!

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