Things to do in Campos do Jordão

Discovering Campos do Jordão - pico de Itapeva

Another refuge from São Paulo If you live in São Paulo or simply passing through, look no further than Campos do Jordão for a quick getaway.  There is plenty to do in this city, be aware it's not a beach destination.  However, it's worth a visit ! Campos do Jordão is roughly 170km from São […]

Day trip to Paranapiacaba

Discovering Paranapiacaba - city view

A lovely city with a nice history This little charm of a city is but 1 hour away from São Bernardo do Campo or 2 hours away from São Paulo city centre. Panapiacaba is a great option to spend some time outside the busy city.  There are many things to do there, such as, having a good lunch […]

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