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Belém - Lisbon
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Belém Lisbon – Things to do in one day plus Happy Hour at the LX Factory

In this Blog we will describe our Day Trip to Belém (a Lisbon District).  Plus we’ll also show our surprise pit-stop for a Happy Hour at the LX Factory ! Plus, check out our Professional Vlog of this Day Trip at the very end of this BLOG.  Customize your Day Trip First of all, there are quite a few sights to discover on this one day trip to Belém – Lisbon. Hopefully we can inspire to visit a few or even all the sights we saw.  Ultimately, you decide who you would like to plan your day.  You might want to spend more time Discovering the Monastery, the Tower or the LX Factory! We’ll also share a few other extras that can

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Day trip from Santiago to Valparaiso

We highly recommend that you visit Valparaiso ! You can visit directly or (like us) plan a day trip from Santiago. It’s a 1.5 hour drive which can be done a few different ways. Feel free to check out our Free Walking tour experience from Santiago, Chile. Ways to get to Valparaiso from Santiago Purchase a package: We purchase a day trip when visiting the Plaza de Armas in Santiago. There were tour guides present selling various tours. Purchase a bus ticket:After visiting Valparaiso with a guide, we knew we wanted to return and visit the city at our pace. This we also highly recommend Rent a car:You can get to Valparaiso completely independent if you like. However we didn’t

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Sugar Shack

Day Trip at the Charbonneau Sugar Shack

Sugar Shack fever in Canada Springtime sparks a fever in Canada.  The fever we’re talking about is nothing to worry about.  1. It means the weather is warming up which makes most people happy and 2. it also means the production of maple syrup is kicking off and 3. that it’s time to visit a Sugar Shack! Read on as you’ll see why we recommend Érablière Charbonneau in the Montreal region, 5 suggested activities once you’re there and more importantly, a copy of our Vlog embedded from YouTube ! Hope you enjoy. One of the best In the online blog era, we are cognizant there are many Blogs and online posts about maple syrup.  However we wanted to create a

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Free Walking Tour São Paulo

Free Walking Tour São Paulo Old Downtown

The Free Walking Tour São Paulo is a great and safe way to discover one of the biggest cities of the world. The local guides offer 3 different tours to choose from: Since this post is one of our most popular ones, we decided to actualize our blog since our initial visit in January 2017. In all fairness, the temperature wasn’t great during our 2017 visit. Also, we wanted to take better pictures and this time record our experience so that we can make a Vlog. Stay tuned for that, we’ll add it to the blog once it’s complete. WHAT IS A FREE WALKING TOUR? There are various tours such as this one in many countries. It’s exactly what it

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