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Delicious Natas in Lisbon
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Delicious Natas in Lisbon’s Manteigaria

Delicious Natas in Lisbon Delicious bitesize treats across Lisbon inside Manteigaria By Serge Larose & Elisandra Buges Intro Delicious Natas in Lisbon’s Manteigaria is the perfect way to kick off your trip. Prior to visiting Portugal, we knew to expect great food and an abundance of castles.  However, what’s even better is being blown away once you finally get to experience it.  Also, eating Natas is so cliché because Portugal makes so many other great desserts ! Well heck, when in Rome do like the Romans – right !? “The Natas were created before the 18th century and started being sold after the liberal Revolution of 1820. It was none other than Catholic Monks who started selling the Pastel de

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Whale watching Zodiac

Whale watching Zodiac boat ride in Les Escoumins

Whale Watching in Les Escoumins Spend two hours on the Saint Lawrencein a Zodiac searching for whales! By Serge Larose & Elisandra Buges Intro Our Whale watching Zodiac tour in Les Escoumins. When in Discovering Destinations mode, we gravitate toward beautiful views and settings. Although Canada doesn’t have the long history, forts and ruins, we do have lots of nature! Luckily we have lots of nature discoveries in the large province of Quebec.  “Every summer, Whale watching Zodiac tours are sought out activities by many Canadians.” Disclosure: This page contains affiliate links, meaning We receive a commission if you decide to purchase using our links mentioned in this page, however at no additional cost to you. Getting there Les Escoumins is

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