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Discovering Fisherman's Bastion

Discovering Fisherman’s Bastion, Budapest

Where : Fisherman’s Bastion, Budapest Discovering Fisherman’s Bastion. When you visit Budapest’s Matthias Church and the Castle hill you will see a beautiful terrace closest to the waterfront.  Seems like a boardwalk decorated with seven Castle towers.   Well, that’s the “Fisherman’s Bastion” !  Above all, it offers gorgeous views from Danube River and Pest. What next ? We were expecting a little more.  We paid $3.79 CAD to enter and we were a little confused once we entered. There wasn’t much to discover besides waterfront views.  Our consolation prize, it was a small value for a great view.  It was really nice to see the historical architecture and structures, which according to Wikipedia were built between 1895 and 1902. Accessing Fisherman’s

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Discovering St Matthias Church
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Discovering Matthias Church, Budapest

Where : Matthias Church, Budapest Discovering Matthias Church. Europe, with all its history, have some of the most beautiful churches ever.  Independent of religion, we think everyone should take some time to visit them because of all art work combined inside of their wonderful constructions. A little history If you are still not excited to visit all of them, then at least a moment to visit Matthias Church in Budapest, Hungary! This is a gorgeous Gothic style church which was originally named Virgin Mary during 13th century.  It was later named after King Matthias in the 19th century.  According to Wikipedia, the King ordered the transformation of its original southern tower. Additionally, it has some of the most beautiful colors inside

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