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Discovering Jungfrau, Switzerland

Where : Jungfrau Mountains, Switzerland Jungfrau is a must see while visiting Interlaken in Switzerland.  To recap, Harder Kulm is the top of Interlaken but Jungfrau is the top of Europe! The best way there is by train.  It leaves Interlaken Est or West in direction to Jungfrau and takes around 2h10min.  For those with EuRail passes, you will have to dish out extra money but it's worth it.  The train ride might seem long but it's simply breathtaking. You might wonder which side of the train offers better views, well it's a toss us.  However, if you want to see the Staubbach Falls as you ride through Lauterbrunnen, chose the right side of the train.  The falls are at

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Discovering St-Beatus Caves, Interlaken

Where : St-Beatus Caves, Interlaken We visited Interlaken in Spring 2017. We're not sure what the weather's like in Switzerland during the spring, so we were shocked to see it snowing. Our first day in Interlaken was great, but the next day was snowing and cold. With that, we took advantage of the bad weather and visited the St. Beatus Caves.  This was our first cave discovery in Europe. It was a little challenging coordinating the way to St. Beatus since that part of Interlaken is German speaking.  We also fell on a very non-sympathetic bus driver that either didn't like English speaking people, tourists or both.  Anyway, once on the bus we saw other tourists and felt we were

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Discovering Brauistübli, Interlaken

Where : Restaurant Brauistübli, Interlaken, Switzerland After visiting Harder Kulm we went back to our hotel.  The reception suggested to have dinner at Restaurant Brauistübli, a local restaurant just a 3 minutes walk away. The restaurant was really simple, resembled a kind of a Swiss cottage.  The decoration was fun, lots of wood everywhere, witch figurines and some Easter bunnies on the tables.  That was probably since Easter had just passed.  Overall, it was exactly what we wanted.  An authentic and local Swiss restaurant for a delicious cheese fondue outside from the tourist crowd. The portion was delicious and just right for two people. We tried some Swiss wine, apparently one of the best European wines but made only for

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Discovering Harder Kulm, Interlaken

Where : Harder Kulm, Interlaken, Switzerland Harder Kulm was our first discovery in Interlaken. We arrived in Interlaken with lots of daylight left.  So, we dropped off our luggage at the hotel and chatted with the reception staff.  We asked about places to visit and the man suggested Harder Kulm.   Interlaken felt a little disorienting, but he gave us directions by bus and it was quite easy from there. We could see the Harder Kulm mountains and lots of paragliders from the bus stop.  Luckily, it was a nice sunny afternoon !  Check out the pics below. Arriving at Harder Kulm, we needed to get Funicular tickets to go up, which cost us around $60 Canadian.  For starters, Switzerland

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