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Discovering Karlskirche

Discovering Karlskirche, Vienna

Where : Karlskirche, Vienna Discovering Karlskirche Karlskirche is a really beautiful Baroque style church located on the south side of Karlsplatz.  It’s really easy to get there by metro. The construction dates from the 17’s century.  There’s a small pond / fountain in the front which creates a mirror effect of the church (see main picture). This is a picturesque location.  Moreover, on a sunny day it’s breathtaking which makes for perfect pictures. Being renovated We’re not sure if the renovations are complete.  During the spring of 2017, Karlskirche was undergoing renovations inside.  This might be reflected in some of our pictures.  We were however, able to access all parts of the church for picture taking. Not free, unfortunately It’s not

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