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Discovering Primates Palace

Discovering The Primate’s Palace, Bratislava

Where : The Primate’s Palace, Bratislava Discovering The Primate’s Palace. As we walked in the old town of Bratislava, we passed through the “Primate’s Palace”.  It’s beauty caught our attention, so we took lots of pictures.  We didn’t go inside because our time in Bratislava was limited.  Feel free to check the hours of operation and  entrance fees online, but it seemed quite affordable. According to Wikipedia, this is an 18th century palace that has an important place in European history.   That’s because there were representatives from France, Hungary and Austria that signed the Treaty of Pressburg.  An event that brought an end of a thousand years of rule by the Holy Roman Empire. So, if you are in rush

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Discovering St Martin's Cathedral

Discovering St Martin’s Cathedral, Bratislava

Where : St Martin’s Cathedral, Bratislava Discovering St Martin’s Cathedral. The St Martin’s Cathedral is located in the historic old town of Bratislava. It’s actually on way to the Bratislava castle, you’ll easily find the Gothic style tower.  Actually we tried to visit on our first day after the castle, but they were closed.  So we returned the next morning to be safe.  With this in mind, just double check the hours before you visit. More on it. Outside the church looks quite simple, but it’s far from it when you get in !  Although it’s small (compared to other churches in Europe) it’s really beautiful inside!  You’ll notice the overhead Gothic arches, beautiful and huge stained glass windows and pieces

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