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Discovering Vienna's Opera House

Discovering Vienna’s Opera House

Where : Vienna’s Opera House, Vienna Discovering Vienna’s Opera House Even if you don’t like Opera, you’ve probably heard about Vienna’s Opera house or at least saw it in some movies.  Mission Impossible 5 perhaps ? When in downtown Vienna, you will surely pass in front of this amazing building at some point. Where ? It’s almost impossible to miss the construction built in Neo-Renaissance style, though you might not necessarily know what’s inside. The Opera House is located in the heart of Vienna and just a few steps away from Kalsplatz.  What’s great about this location ?  Well, this is inches away from the old town and other historic buildings. What a great surprise ! We weren’t planning to visit the

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Discovering how to get started

‘Discovering how to get started’ is for all the curious cats out there. Our goal is to reach out to those who want to travel and invite them to JUMP. If until now, you’ve just dreamed about travel, we would like to help you.  If you are the least bit curious about discovering new destinations, new cities and cultures then this is for you.  First things first, get your passport (if you don’t already), pick a destination and start researching.  Lookout for tips along the way. 1. GET your passport !  It can feel like a catch 22 at times.  ”Should I get my passport or just wait until I find a destination to visit ?”  We can tell you from experience, you’ll keep going around in circles

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