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Discovering Neptune's fountain

Discovering Kapitelplatz & Kapitelschwemme, Salzburg

Where : Kapitelplatz & Kapitelschwemme Discovering Kapitelplatz & Kapitelschwemme. We quickly visited the beautiful 'Kapitelplatz & Kapitelschwemme' square as we left the Salzburg Cathedral.  Actually, it's also quite close to Residenzplatz and Mozartplatz, so feel free to check these out also. A few things make this square stand out from the rest.  First of all, there is an amazing view from the “Neptune and sea-steed” fountain.  Secondly, there's a really picturesque view of the Hohensalzburg Fortress and mountains in the background.  'It felt like a view out of a magazine!'  Lastly, you'll surely notice 'Sphaera' which is a 9 meter high 'emotionless man' on top of a golden sphere.  The statue at the top gave us the impression he was gazing at

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