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Discovering St. Vitus Cathedral
Czech Republic

Discovering St. Vitus Cathedral, Prague

Where : St. Vitus Cathedral Discovering St. Vitus Cathedral, Prague St. Vitus Cathedral (or Katedrála Sv. Víta) is definitely one of the top most beautiful Gothic churches we saw in Europe.  It’s located in Hradčany, which is the hillside complex where you’ll find the likes of the Prague Castle and Golden Lane just to name a few.  It’s easy to spend a couple of full days discovering Hradčany. What about St. Vitus ? It’s so rich in details/colors that we kind of got lost in our imagination trying to understand how it was built.  Where does one start putting this concept together !? Alright, outside is a masterpiece but what about inside right !?  It’s hard to describe in words and

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