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Discovering Mère Poulard, Mont Saint-Michel

Where : La Mère Poulard, Mont Saint-Michel You must try the famous giant soufflé omelet.  These omelettes are hand-made hammered copper bowls and cooked over an open fire.  This combination along with a specific whisking pattern creates the fluffiest, airiest omelette you've ever seen ! It's a Normandy tradition and “La Mere Poulard” claims to have the original recipe.  It appears this restaurant was founded in 18th century and still carrying tradition.  It was also recommended by our B&B hostess.  Thus, the restaurant is located just past the main gate of the Mont Saint-Michel.  We recommend that you make reservations well in advance to secure your spot since we were turned away, in low-season. Mère Poulard is quite touristy and highly

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Discovering Mont Saint-Michel, France

Mont Saint-Michel, France Mont-Saint-Michel is one of the places that impressed us the most during our tour in France. It's a magical place and the surrounding views are breathtaking. What we consider important pointers Plan an early visit to the 'island' as it gets crowded very quickly.  We visited in April and expected very little tourists. Boy  were we wrong! Expect delays.  We arrived first thing in the morning and still had to wait around 30-60 minutes to get inside.  This was because of tourists and security checkpoints. Interesting point, accessing the Mont is free!  You will need some money for souvenirs, food and the Abbey entrance fee (roughly $10 euros for adults).  We don't entirely recall, however there might

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