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Discovering Bunker Berliner Unterwelten, Berlin

Discovering Underground Tours, Berlin

Where : Bunker Berliner Unterwelten Discovering Berliner Unterwelten – Berlin Bunker Tours The Berliner Unterwelten is a subterranean museum that must be visited with a guide. This is an amazing opportunity to explore Berlin’s underground history and to visit World War II bunkers.  They are located near the Gesundbrunnen Underground station with the half demolished bunker in the park across the street, which we’ll elaborate in the blog. Many tours to choose from Our ideal tour was to discover underground tunnels that were dug during the cold war.  However, it was unavailable for reasons we forget.  There are many tours to choose from but they did not seem to run every single day. So be sure to check the schedule and availability

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Discovering London & Underground – Europe Part 1 :

Part 1 : Discovering London for a couple of days. We stayed in a hostel seconds away from Hyde park.  Upon our arrival from our redeye flight, we could only leave our bags in the hostel but we couldn’t check in yet as it was 7am.  So we went on foot, discovering the Hyde park.  With a map of London but no sense of orientation, we headed southwest crossing Albert Memorial and onto Kensington Gore.  We walked west all the way down following the Hyde park until we felt completly exhausted, which is when we found a park bench and counted the minutes until our check in.  We rested all afternoon, from 2pm until roughly 6pm at which point we headed out

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