Cape Enrage hidden gem
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Discovering Cape Enrage

Discovering Canada’s Maritimes

Discovering Cape Enrage

Where : New Brunswick, Cape Enrage Interpretive Centre 
Suggested Timeline : 90-120 minutes

June 27 – 2018 – Day 3 

Day three started around the Fundy National Park, however after a few quick stops, we decided to go visit Alma Village. There is a small, but beautiful beach with a walking path. We bought some sandwiches in a small local supermarket and had an ice cream for desert. 

After this small lunch break, we drove to Cape Enrage Interpretive Centre.  It wasn't on our list, but the signs of the lighthouse on the highway got us curious.  It would appear that listening to our intuition was totally worth it, because this was an amazing discovery! 

Tickets = $12 CAD for both
Funds = from Nilo, our “Piggy Bank
Welcome to Cape Enrage

What is there to do ?

Cape Enrage Interpretive Centre has an amazing views, a Lighthouse, the shoreline, a zip line and much more. We were fortunate with the weather, it was a gorgeous sunny day. 

According to local information, the lighthouse is working since 1838 and the current light tower is over 140 years old.  

Discovering Cape Enrage Lighthouse

Cape Enrage Lighthouse

Cape Enrage has a restaurant (which we didn’t try) but it looks nice from the outside.  There are also many adventure activities such as, zip line and rappelling.  It looked really fun, perfectly located with a great view. If interested, check out their website for fees and additional information. 


YOU ABSOLUTELY MUST go downstairs !  It is not necessarily easily accessible by all, however it's very beautiful to explore the shoreline.  If you can, head to the edge of the cliff and take the stairs leading all the way to the 'beach'.  We estimate that we spent almost one hour exploring the gorgeous beach and cliffs. It's a great place to relax, reconnect, take pictures and meditate. 

Cape Enrage hidden gem

This said, we spent our afternoon at Cape Enrage and we drove back to Moncton taking a scenery road that take little more time but it’s totally worth to do it. 

So, why is it called Cape Enrage ... ?

We had to ask the question !  The answer was simple, even on the calmest of days it's super windy.  I almost lost my hat... so make sure to hold on to your belongings !!

Catch you next week !

Check out our Cape Enrage Gallery below and be sure to tune in next time for our Discovering Canadian Maritimes mini-blog !

Cape Enrage overview
Cape Enrage Lighthouse
Beautiful surprise at Cape Enrage
Cape Enrage Shoreline
Cape Enrage hidden gem
Cape Enrage Beauty shot
Cape Enrage beach
Cape Enrage magnificent colors
Cape Enrage cliffs
Cape Enrage, New Brunswick
Cape Enrage beach
Cape Enrage shoreline
Cape Enrage view point
Cape Enrage lighthouse
Cape Enrage wall
Cape Enrage visitors
Welcome to Cape Enrage
Cape Enrage Lighthouse


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