Discovering the flower pots
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Discovering Canada’s Maritimes

Where : New Brunswick, Hopewell Rocks
Timeline : 1/2 day discovery (1.5 – 3.5 hours)

We decided to start the day by discovering the Hopewell Rocks. The park is located roughly 35 minutes by car from Moncton. The scenery on the way over was just beautiful.  We were also very lucky to arrive early in the morning to enjoy the park without crowds of people.    

Hopewell Rocks overview
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If time permits, we recommend that you visit Hopewell Rocks both during high and low tide.  When you arrive in the park, lookout for the billboards that indicate the times for high and low tide. The tickets cost approximately 20cad for both of us and was valid for two days. With this in mind, we visited the Hopewell Rocks park in the morning and on our way back at dusk. 

The Hopewell Rocks does not only consist of the flower pot rock formation.  If you would like to spend more time in the area, there are walking trails, viewpoints and a beach.  We found refuge beyond the Rocks, it would appear that few people knew or explored the grounds. The ‘Demoiselle beach’ was amazing and totally empty since everyone was focussed on the rocks. Good for us since we could even meditate a little!  

Hopewell Rocks Demoiselle beach
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While exploring the Flower Pot, we noticed a school of kayaks drifting by. You might want to combine both activities at once.  For this, you will need your Hopewell Rocks day pass plus the cost for the kayak tour.  You can always check their website for kayak tours and rentals ! We loved the idea and wish we would have known sooner, which is why we’re paying it forward !

Hopewell Rocks kayak experience
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Check the Hopewell Rocks website in case you want to check rates, activities etc. 

Important Note: Don’t forget to buy some great “Insect Repellent” for all parks activities, you will surely need it!  Also feel free to bring water shoes, regular shoes and sandals. 

After spending the morning discovering the Hopewell Rocks, we had a quick sandwich and headed to discover the Fundy National Park, which was another 35 minute drive from the Hopewell Rocks. 

Next : Discovering Fundy National Park – Stay Tuned !

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