Discovering the Maritimes

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Discovering The Maritimes Region, Canada. Summer of 2018

Starting with : Discovering New Brunswick


During specific moments in our lives, there are times where we need to slow down or stop to review our direction. We got this feeling during the summer of 2018, which is why we decided to take our second “Sabbatical” to Discover Canada !

We thought we’d start with Discovering The Maritimes.  It consists of 3 provinces; New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, and Prince Edward Island.  It was the perfect escape for us for many reasons,

  • We could drive there using our old but trustful “Toyota DD
  • We could save money by staying in cottages “Hotel” style and use our small Weber barbecue
  • The Maritimes is a region full of Nature, perfect to recharge and reconnect
  • Time was on our side and we would enjoy going with the flow rather than rush it

Discovering Canada with Toyota DD

We didn’t make any big plans, we just knew that we had a good chunk of time.  This way, we would savour our experience and  explore the Nature and allow our intuition to guide us through this adventure.

The trip started off as one week and as we progressed, got stretched to two weeks.

Without thinking too much, we packed our bags, bought some snacks for the road-trip, put the Weber BBQ in the trunk, prepared Google maps with Moncton as our first destination.  We could finally use our own data cellular network, since we were traveling within Canada !

Discovering Fundy Park

One year after our trip, we decided to share these moments with you, hoping to get you inspired to travel.  Hopefully you won’t leave your jobs like we did, but do “LIVE” the “MOMENT” ! We suggest that you live your life as though you only had one chance! If you think travel is not something that inspires you, no problem. We hope our passion and inspiration is contagious enough to get you discovering what you LOVE MOST.  Take a chance, stay at the PRESENT and enjoy each moment to the fullest !

NEXT… A new Journey

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