Old Port Montreal in one day - Place Jacques Cartier
Old Port Montreal in one day - Place Jacques Cartier

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This Blog is divided into 4 main sections, we’ll make recommendations within these section.
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Eli and I are not Montreal natives, despite living here over the last decade it is our passion to discover new destinations. We believe in the saying ‘being a tourist in your own city’.
This said, our blog is targeted for Montrealers and tourists alike.

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Places to visit in montreal

Old Port Montreal

Old Port is a must see when visiting Montreal. Sadly it’s often overlooked by many tourists roaming up and down Ste-Catherine’s street and the downtown core.

There is as much life in Old Port Montreal during the day as there is at night. It’s possible to spend the entire day or split your time by selecting a few items from our list. Without further adieu, here is our list.

Old Port Montreal in one day - Marché Bonsecours
From St-Paul St, Montréal
Our ShutterStock portfolio of Montreal images

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What activities to do in Old Port Montreal?

If you’re looking for fun and adventure in Montreal and would like to combine this in Old Port Montreal, we’ve got you covered!

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Montreal tourist attractions

Grande Roue in Old Port Montreal
1. Montreal Tyrolienne / Zipline

Want to combine the great view of Old Port Montreal with an exciting activity ? Check out the Old Port Montreal Zipline. Standing at 1200 feet above the ground, you’ll zip above the Bonsecours basin with views of the Biosphere as well as the main Old Port Montreal hub.

More on the Old Port Montreal Zipline here.

Zipline in Old Port Montreal
Zipline in Old Port Montreal

Montreal Tourist

2. Voile en Voile

Highly rated on Tripadvisor and Google Maps is Old Port Montreal’s Voile en Voile. Perfect for the kids and the entire family, you’ll embark on a journey to discover ships. What’s great is that everyone chooses their activity based on the level of difficulty. To name a few, there’s an escape mission, aerial courses, wall climbing. Check out more of the missions and obstacle courses over here.

Old Port Montreal in one day - Voile en Voile
Old Port Montreal in one day - Voile en Voile and Tyrolienne
3. Jet Boating / Saute Mouton

Enjoy various boating trips at Old Port Montreal’s Jet boating. Highly rated on Google Maps and Traveller’s choice 2020, whether you are looking to get a little splashed or entirely soaked – they’ve got you covered!

More on Old Port Montreal’s Jet boating here.

Shutterstock portfolio from Old Port Montreal
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Where to visit in Old Port Montreal ?

Here we’ll list a bunch of places to visit. We named it as such because it’s possible to partake or simply go along for the view.

1. The Bonsecours Market – Old Port Montréal

It was once a dwelling for commandants under the French regime, this site also played host to the Théâtre Royal and it has also seen a transformation into a public market. Feel free to read more on the Bonsecours Market here.

The Bonsecours Market now plays host to a series of events and exhibitions. Its modern layout boasts many high-end boutiques with various local souvenirs and collector’s items.

Also located in the Bonsecours Market you will find Café des Arts / Galerie MAM and our well liked Brew Pub named Brewsky Pub. You’ll find this particular location in our where to eat section as well as in our Montreal Free List Google My Maps.

Montreal attractions

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2. Notre-Dame de Bonsecours Chapel – Old Port Montreal

As you get to know us, you’ll determine that we’re not the avid Museum goers. We can be swayed to visit one if it’s a must-see, a historical site or if the museum offers a stunning view for example.

After almost a decade of living in Montreal, we’ve finally added the Notre-Dame de Bonsecours or Marguerite Bourgeoys historical site.

We fell in love with the view and think these images will do the convincing.

The small chapel is not really beautiful only, but has lots to tell about early history of Montreal, including below the chapel, the crypt is being excavated as an archeological site, which visitors can see behind.

It’s also one of the oldest churches in Montreal, it was built in 1771 over the ruins of an earlier chapel. But don’t worry, as soon as you get inside you will find volunteers that will guide you to know more about it.

You can visit Notre-Dame de Bonsecours Chapel for Free, however there is a small fee to visit the museum and go up to check the amazing views from Angel, Notre-Dame-de-Bon-Secours Chapel.

Believe us, it’s totally worth to pay! It’s one of the best views you will have from Old Port Montreal, in addition to have the Angel, Notre-Dame-de-Bon-Secours Chapel, blessing your visit!

Final tip, feel free to read more about the church or the museum here.

Montreal tourism

Angel, Notre-Dame-de-Bon-Secours Chapel views
3. La Grande Roue de Montreal for Amazing views from Old Port Montreal

It felt so cliché when we heard that Montreal was going to build a Big Wheel. Many questions were asked, will it be solely a summer activity, will they take it down once winter strikes, etc.

Despite all the questions, it seems to work. The ferris wheel is one of the most popular rides in amusement parks, and now you can experience it in Old Port Montreal, where you will be able to:

  • Get to relax after a day of sightseeing;
  • Anyone can ride it seeing the city in a different way;
  • and of course, it offer fantastic views from Old Port Montreal.

Also, looks like they thought about everything, as you will find the information in the Grande Roue Official Website, whatever the weather, your comfort is ensured by system that gives a temperate feeling in the cabins during the winter season and cools them in the summer.

And if you visit during the winter, you can even enjoy ice skating!

Similar as others locations around the world, you will find lots of activities around and a Café Bistro.

So in a sense, it’s like you can get an amusement park experience while visiting Old Port Montreal !

If you want further information about prices, hours, etc click here ➡️ Montreal’s ‘Grande Roue’ over here.

Montreal to do

La Grande Roue in Old Port Montreal
La Grande Roue de Montreal – Summer time
Skating at the Grande Roue in Old Port Montreal
La Grande Roue de Montreal – Winter Time

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4. The Clock Tower and Clock Tower Beach – Old Port Montreal

Similar to the Bonsecours Market, the Clock Tower has served many roles over the years. Now in this tourism era, you’ll enjoy a beautiful view of the St-Lawrence River, the Jacques-Cartier bridge, the Sainte-Hélène island and much more.

The extremely precise clock was made in England and it’s supposed to be a replica of the Big Ben. It served as a watch for the sailors as they flowed along the St-Lawrence.

More than a Clock Tower, this is also home to a mini-beach. We couldn’t believe our eyes when we discovered it. You’ll find blue parasols, soft sand and the water view in front of you. And the best thing is that it seems that so far entry is free, with the exception of event days.

Well, being a small beach, you will need to follow some rules in order to enjoy a great summer time. If you are interested to know more about the rules, open hours and events schedules, check their official website ➡️ Clicking HERE.

You can also read more about the Tower Clock here.

Old Port Montreal Clock Tower
Clock Tower Old Port Montreal
Clock tower in Old Port Montreal
Clock Tower Beach – Old Port Montreal

Things to do in Montreal this weekend

5. Chateau Ramezay – Museum and Historic Building in Old Montreal

Whether you visit for the whimsical gardens, for a small history lesson or simply to live the reenactment – everyone seems to find their own reasons to love this place.

This castle is located on Notre-Dame street, at the top of Place Jacques Cartier. If you plan a visit, we recommend that you start your day here and later make your way down to the other attractions.

In their permanent exhibition you’ll find more than 500 years of history of Montreal, and as per information on their Oficial Website, the Historic Site and Museum of Montréal was selected by a team of experts, in collaboration with UNESCO, as one of the 1001 historic sites you must see before you die.

So, to get to know more about the Entrance Fees and open hours, Click in the following link ➡️ Chateau Ramezay here.

Chateau Ramezay in Old Port Montreal
Chateau Ramezay – Old Port Montreal
Chateau Ramezay in Old Port Montreal

Where to eat in Old Port Montreal

We’ve learned that it’s risky business to blog about restaurants. This is because each year, countless restaurants open their doors and countless more close them. For this reason, we don’t like to promote places to eat. This said, we’ve carefully selected a few restaurants in the Old Port vicinity. Rest assured, we felt ask though these are NOT tourist traps.

1. Cafe de Mercanti

Located a little outside the Old Port Montreal hub, Cafe de Mercanti sits on Notre-Dame street. In our opinion, this would be a great place to start your journey because you’ll be able to fill your belly before the long day ahead. You could just as well visit at the middle or end of your day for a ‘pause cafe’, French for little break.

We’ve visited before and felt we were well received by a friendly and social staff.

This coffee shop is located minutes away from the Bonsecours Market and the Notre-Dame de Bonsecours.

Old Port Montreal in one day - Cafe de Mercanti
Old Port Montreal in one day - Cafe de Mercanti
2. Le Petit Dep

Another French lesson, Dep is short for Depanneur which means corner store in English. However this is no ordinary ‘corner store’. For starters Deps in Montreal (and Quebec) can sell wine and beer and this one is no exception to that rule.

It’s more than a regular dep because it makes us adults feel like a kid again. There are countless types of candies, souvenirs, snacks, coffee, the list goes on and on.

Do yourself a favour and visit this unique place !

Old Port Montreal in one day - Le Petit Dep
Old Port Montreal in one day - Le Petit Dep
3. Pub Brewsky

We mentioned this pub during our Bonsecours Market section. Imagine a typical pub, jazz it up, turn it into a brewery and then jazz it up some more. Well, not sure if you’re getting the visual, however this place is sure to impress.

We originally felt that it was a tourist trap, however that was before we even set foot there. Once we gave it a proper chance, we were impressed with the decor, the knowledgeable staff and the quality of the ingredients. Moreover, Brewsky doesn’t stop at the drink menu because we’ve discovered some great food items here also.

Old Port Montreal in one day - Brewsky Pub
Old Port Montreal in one day - Brewsky Pub
4. Jardin Nelson

The Jardin Nelson gives off a very fancy and expensive display. Rest assured their prices are quite reasonable and food tasty.

You may find yourself on the patio along Place Jacques Cartier, entertained by street performers or passersby. Alternatively, you might find yourself inside their majestic courtyard! We recall our visit and the beautifully layered tables, vines, skylight and live Jazz music.

More on the Jardin Nelson here.

Jardin Nelson
Jardin Nelson in Old Port Montreal
5. Modavie

A very chic restaurant with delicious food and live music. The price point reflects this, however it’s time to celebrate the fact that you are in Montreal, so why not do it here!

Alternatively if you want to get a taste for this place, we recommend that you get a post discovery day alcoholic beverage. Check out their 5-7 Happy Hour with discounted drinks between 5 and 7pm.

More on Modavie here.

Where are the cool spots in Old Port Montreal ?

Whether you’re travelling on a budget or simply looking to put your wallet to rest for a little, we’ve got some cool spots that will freeze your spending.

Cool Spot #1Hidden Places Tips Old Port Montreal

Our first identified ‘Cool spot’ is at the fork of Place D’Youville and De la Commune street. Although we’re not entirely certain, we fell as though beyond this point to the west is no longer considered Old Port Montreal.

We’ve identified this spot for a few reasons, 1) we feel it’s very picturesque, 2) there’s a beautiful view of the Notre-Dame Basilica towers, 3) it’s refreshing since fewer tourists are here. So whether you’re looking to take a break or catch a scenic view, this is a great go-to!

Book your Hotel in the heart of Montreal
Cool Spot #2Hidden Places Tips Old Port Montreal

This spot is located on what’s called St-Amable street. It’s a small, decorative pedestrian road with a surprise at the halfway mark. We recommend that you enter a place called ‘La Cour’ and head to their inner courtyard. This oasis will make you wonder whether you’re still in Montreal or perhaps have been transported to another time and place.

Old Port Montreal in one day - St Amable street
St-Amable Street in Old Port Montreal
Cool Spot #3Hidden Places Tips Old Port Montreal

The third spot we’ve identified will really resonate with you movie buffs. It’s located on St-Paul street, to the east of Old Port Montreal. The trick is to walk down St Paul street, to the approximate location we’ve identified in our Google My Maps and have a look at the Marché Bonsecours.

We knew the movie ‘The Score’ with Robert DeNiro was filmed in Montreal, however it was tricky to find the exact spot. If you recall from the movie, it’s where Robert’s character’s Jazz club is located!

Old Port Montreal in one day - Marché Bonsecours
Cool spot in Old Port Montreal
Cool Spot #4Hidden Places Tips Old Port Montreal

Our next ‘Cool spot’ is located on Rue le Royer West. This street links up with St-Laurent and Saint-Sulpice. You can plan a perfect Segway from St-Paul street OR access this spot after visiting Le Petit Dep.

Here you will enjoy a little quiet since few make it all the way here. In addition to the quiet, you’ll enjoy impressive architecture with the collection of 19th century buildings that surround and frame a beautifully landscaped courtyard.

Cool spot in Old Port Montreal
Cool spot in Old Port Montreal

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