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Discovering Canada’s Maritimes

Discovering Charlottetown, PEI

Where : PEI, Charlottetown
Suggested Timeline : 90-120 minutes (+ for the restaurant)

June 29 – 2018 – Day 5 (afternoon)

After lunch at the Chowder Bar, we drove to Charlottetown (capital of PEI), a small but really charming city. It’s interesting architecture style with old style British buildings exudes a fun environment throughout the city. 

Getting started

First you’ll need to secure a parking space. We weren’t sure about all the rules, so we parked the car in the center in front of an old school parking meter.  Forget the fancy phone applications to pay for parking, you’ll need the old fashion coins to feed this meter !  Check again, you can actually use your cellular sms function to pay the meter – Smart !!

Be sure to check out our ‘Quick Tip’ below 🙃

old school parking meter

Getting around

It’s easy to get around Charlottetown by foot. So we suggest to park the car somewhere and make sure you have a solid 2 hours.

We spent all afternoon walking around, window shopping all the cute stores, walking to the water front and had a delicious ice cream at Cows.  On our way back to the car, we stopped for a quick visit at St. Dunstan’s Basilica. 

We headed down Queen St. all the way until we arrived at the water front.  At this point we reached the PEI Convention center and admired the water front view and city decorations.

Quick stop

We stoped over at COWS Peakes for a quick ice cream break. The day started off grey and wet and finally the clouds were dispersing and we could enjoy a little sun.  So we celebrated this small victory with an ice cream !

Charlottetown Cow's ice cream

On the way back

Charlottetown was like most Canadian cities, full of construction. So we zig zagged our way back to the car, we recall using Great George street and decided to visit St. Dunstan’s Basilica.  Feel free to check out the picture in the blog below, we have some cool shots from inside and out !

Charlottetown St Dunstan's Basilica Cathedral

Quick tip !

As always, we like to share a good tip. When using Google Maps to navigate to any location, you might want to save your location for the way back. Google Maps application has a feature where you can save the location as your parking spot – this way, it won’t matter if you forgot where you parked the car !

The way back to the motel, we stopped to buy some groceries at a local supermarket and then we finished the day with a barbecue in the Motel common area.  

Stay tuned for what’s next…

Feel free to check out our picture gallery, in chronological order from the city center to Charlottetown’s water front !

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