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Discovering Point Prim Lighthouse

Discovering Canada’s Maritimes

Discovering Point Prim Lighthouse

Where : PEI, Point Prim 
Suggested Timeline : 45-60 minutes (+ for the restaurant)

June 29 – 2018 – Day 5 

Point Prim Lighthouse and Chowder Bar

Day 5 started off with a grey sky, cold and raining.  For this reason, we took our time getting ready to leave since we weren't in a rush to get wet.

We got ready and we drove to Point Prim Lighthouse.  The Lighthouse is located at the end of Point Prim Road and appears to be open during the summer time only.  Since they rely mainly on tourists, the Chowder Bar also closes during the off season. You HAVE to eat here, even if it's just a snack.  The fish cakes are great, chowder delicious and a good friend says their oysters are worth driving all the way from Gaspé !

How much ?

There's a small fee to enter, we paid around $10.00cad for two adults.  The tickets are available for purchase in the souvenir shop.  Speaking of souvenirs, the shop is well decorated and very inviting ! 

The restaurant pricing is quite fair and the food is your typical home cooking style.

Totally recommend it !

The views are really beautiful up there and if you are luck and get a sunny day we imagine that will be more beautiful. 

We actually could have a break from the rain during lunchtime and we had lunch in the Chowder House and Oyster Bar just next to the lighthouse that was delicious. 

Stay tuned for what's next...

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Overview of the Lighthouse
Lighthouse entrance
Point Prim Lighthouse Shore and lobster trap
Up close lobster trap
Going back down
Mechanical light
View from the Lighthouse top
Lighthouse top
Lighthouse steep stairs
Overview of the restaurant
road trip to Prince Edward Island
Inside the restaurant
Fish cakes
road trip to Prince Edward Island
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