Discovering East Side Gallery, Berlin

Discovering East Side Gallery, Berlin

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Where East Side Gallery

Discovering East Side Gallery, Berlin

When we arrived at the East side of the Berlin Wall, we finally understood the idea that “Every crack tells a thousand stories”.  We were impressed with the wall size, the longest remaining section of the Berlin wall.

It’s now covered with graffiti (or art) many with a political message. It’s hard to believe it existed in the first place. It’s purpose, was to control the movement of people on various territories (the French, British and Russians).

The East side goes along the river Spree.  The outdoor gallery is almost one kilometre in length. Give yourself some time to check the wall and artists gallery.  Then, when you get near the Oberbaum bridge, there’s a small kiosk with a kind of an officer where can get your passport stamped with replica stamps.  They were visas, once necessary to cross various checkpoints.

There seems to be information online that states it may render your passport invalid. Please check before you get the stamps!

Do we recommend ?

Yes, it’s something worth seeing, especially the length and magnitude of the wall.  It’s all part of the history of Berlin!

Serge: 5  Eli:  5 / (out of 5)

Spending more time in Berlin ?  Come back to see more attractions as we move across the city !

The historical Kaiser Wilhelm Memorial Church

Historical landmarks

The Tiergarten has it all, nature and historical landmarks!
There’s the Brandenburg Gate and Jewish Memorial right next to each other.
Checkpoint Charlie is quite small, but there’s lots more to see in the area!
Topography of Terror is both an indoor and outdoor museum

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