Discovering Tulum, Mexico

Where : Tulum, Mexico

Oh yeah guys, we were in Tulum last week!

We were blessed with a perfect sunny week in Riviera Maya.  Our idea was to spend a week relaxing on the beach.  Then we saw pictures of Tulum and found out it was 20 minutes away.  So… “Why not” ?!?
We never know the next time we’ll be in Mexico.  Tulum for a 1/2 day tour with guide was $69usd per person.  Expensive we thought, but we got a nice van, with a good driver and a really knowledgeable guide Jazmin.  She studied history in Mexico and was clearly passionate about that.
In Tulum are ruins of an ancient Mayan port city just next to wonderful Caribbean coast of Mexico’s Yucatán Peninsula.  Some go to visit the remaining structures and others to enjoy the beach.  The tour was 4 hours in total.  That includes the drive to Tulum, the guided tour and 1h30 of free time to spend walking around. With this time, we could go around, take pictures, swim and shop around in one of the local shops.
We decided to walk around to enjoy the astonishing views of the coastline.  We were mesmerized by the turquoise green and blue water and multicolour iguanas that gaze at the sun as though they were kings of the Mayan city!
According our guide and in Wikipedia, Tulum is one of the best preserved coastal Maya sites and is really famous touristic point. The important part of Tulum is its history, since the city has access land and sea trade routes, making it an important trade hub.
It was really cool to hear our guide speak about the Mayan history. She described a mystical place on a beautiful sunny day just like the one we were experiencing.
We took the tour from the hotel so everything was pre arranged for us.  Alternatively, you can always rent a car and drive over.

Our Ratings
Serge: 5  Eli:  5

Recommend: Absolutely.  Tulum is a very unique historical Mayan ruin, feel free to view the grounds or go for a swim.

Important Tips:
1. Tulum in a sunny day is really “Hot”, so get your sunblock ready and if possible, an umbrella.
2. Please, “Do NOT forget” an insect repellent because Tulum is a mix of Beach & Jungle, we are the bite marks to prove it.
3. Bring water and if you decide to go swimming, make sure have some protection (sun block and repellent).
4. If you have a professional or semi professional camera (GoPro counts), you will need to pay a extra tax.  The tax is calculated per camera.
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