Montreal Dorval (YUL) to Downtown – Planning your way to Montreal

Check out this blog if you need help planning your arrival from Montreal Dorval (YUL) airport. Surely we know that it's usually a little difficult and disorienting when arriving in a foreign city.  Hopefully this post can help ease your way downtown or your hostel/hotel.

Here are a couple of options when you arrive at the Montreal airport.  Whether you are heading downtown or on the outskirts.

Planning your arrival to Montreal

1. By Taxi 

When planning your arrival to Montreal, you can easily think to take a taxi from the airport to downtown with a fix rate of $ 45.00cad (Current value 2020).  The fixed value is located in the windows of the car.  If you have doubts, talk with a driver or a representative at the main gate.  Make sure to note the boundaries, beyond downtown is a standard rate.

Montreal is like any other city in Canada when it comes to tips.  You can show your appreciation by offering 15% of the final value. Of course it's possible to offer more if you like.

Of all the options discussed, this is the quickest to arrive downtown.  i.e., faster than going by bus (depending on the serpentine line up)

You can check the Google map or Waze to give you an idea of the time to your destination.

2. By Bus 

The 747 bus is also available from the airport to downtown.  The first stop is at a metro station.  It's also useful since there are various stops along the way and right now it the cheapest way to get to Montreal downtown, then add to your list of options when planning your arrival to Montreal if you want to keep low Budget.

The first stop is Lionel-Groulx, also an access point to the metro.  It gives you access to the green line.  You can review the STM website to see if you need any connections.

The final destination is Berri UQAM metro station.  This is one of the main stations, which give you access to three main metro lines, green, orange and yellow.  A good way to get outside the city (South or North Shore).

The minimum value charged for the 747 ticket is $ 10.00cad (Current value 2020) for a day Regular Fare, which gives you 24 hours access to the bus and metro on the Montreal island. You can buy your Bus ticket in the automatic fare dispenser that accepts cash, debit or credit car inside the Airport, just near the EXIT doors. Check this Website that we thought could help with the picture and how the machine works.

As a result, this is the slowest way downtown, but it's also the cheapest.  Plan between 45 to 75 minutes to arrive downtown, depending of your destination and the local traffic.

3. By Limousine 

Sincerely, we never used limousines to get downtown. It doesn't seem more expensive than taking a taxi and in peak times for example.  What's especially relevant is to consider this option if you're pressed for time and the taxi line-up is infernal.  You could always share amongst friends to alleviate the extra cost. A friend of ours once used the limousine since the taxi line was horrendous.

The fixed fee varies from $ 55.00cad to $ 60.00cad plus tip, if you want to include it (as usually locals do).

4. By Uber

Uber was recently allowed to enter the Montreal airport premises, what didn't happen before because the taxis have a special agreement.  If you want to use this service, you will see an "Uber" sign before the "Taxi" sign when you are at the airport doors.

The fees varies depending which location you will be going to downtown and it probably will cost between $ 30.00cad to $ 35.00cad. There is an Uber fee of $3,00cad for any airport drop-off.

Other services

Train system 

The ATM train system is great if your destinations is outside the city centre and you are looking for a cheaper alternative.


  • The local language in Montreal is French, but most of the taxi drivers also understand English (Some better than others).
  • If you don’t speak any of these languages, make sure you have your final address / destination written on paper.
  • Currently (2020) the fixed value ($45.00cad) for downtown.  Consult their chart to see if your destination qualifies for the fixed rate.  It's a standard rate for any destination outside these boundaries.
  • The local currency is "Canadian Dolar", then if you already have some cash is great, if not, you might need to consider to take some cash before take the taxis, since we are not sure if all of them will accept credit or debit card.
  • In general, Montreal is organized.   Just follow the signs for taxis or buses and be sure to get in the back of the line.  Otherwise, just ask someone for help.

Useful Links

  • STM - Montreal metro system

Where to buy Transit Fares < CLICK HERE >

  • STM - Montreal metro Maps

< CLICK HERE > to check the metro maps of Montreal city and around.

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