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Discovering Viktualienmarkt, Munich

We just loved this daily food market! We're not sure how to pronounce Viktualienmarkt. But that's no problem as long as you like food and enjoy a drink. Munich isn't a huge city, so it's really not that hard to get there.  The market is really near the centre of the city walls.  It’s just a fun place to stay for few hours, have some food and drinks with lots of people around! The farmer’s market that is really popular for gourmets has a bit of everything you can imagine. You will find cheese, fruits, flowers, good wine, sausages, traditional German food, non traditional German food and, of course, lots of beer. We arrived there after a day walking around

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Discovering Hofbräuhaus, Munich

Imagine a happy place, then go and find it at Hofbräuhaus! Munich was lots of fun and one of the best destinations for sure. The city is beautiful, clean and charming.  We really liked the historic town and a new town, good transportation, food, beer and Hofbräuhaus !!! Hofbräuhaus is located in the old town, so for sure at some point you will pass in front while visiting the city.  You won't miss the heard of tourists in front nor the blue checkered flag and gold logo - HB with a crown hovering over it. We passed in front during lunch time and we saw a big line outside.  At which point we decided to wait and visit other parts

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