City of Brussels

City of Brussels

The chocolate and beer capital of the world ''Why visit the City of Brussels and what's there to see''​ 88% Tourist activities... + Spots Grand Place Brussels, Manneken Pis, Petit & Grand Sablon and more! 3-4 days Recommended stay in Brussels The City of Brussels Blog is divided into 3 sections. First we'll identify top […]

Old Port Montreal in one Day

Old Port Montreal in one day - Place Jacques Cartier

Old Port Montreal ''Old Port Montreal - What to do in Montreal (1 day)''​ 83% Tourist activities... + Spots Montreal's Big Wheel, Zipline, Cool spots, where to eat & more 4-5days Recommended stay in Montreal This Blog is divided into 4 main sections, we'll make recommendations within these section. We've also made a Google My […]

Best Hotels in Europe

Tour of Coimbra

Here is our top list of best hotels in Europe. Read on and get ready to zzzz easy Intro Within you'll discover the list of best hotels in Europe. We carefully selected our list of accommodations and ranked them based on various criteria. Having visited a few cities in Europe, we now have a good […]

The Fatima Sanctuary & the powerful story within

The Fatima Sanctuary

The Fatima Sanctuary On May 13 1928, the first foundation stone was laid in the construction of the basilica and colonnade of the Fátima Sanctuary. It was a process that continued until 1954. By Serge Larose & Elisandra Buges Intro In 1916, on three separate occasions, Lúcia dos Santos (and her two cousins) began reporting apparitions of […]

The Santa Justa Lift, beautiful views of Lisbon

Santa Justa Lift

Santa Justa Lift Come here to see the magnificent lift structure, the ride up to Carmo Square and the gorgeous views of Lisbon. By Serge Larose & Elisandra Buges Intro The Santa Justa Lift connects the lower streets of the Baixa with the higher Largo do Carmo (Carmo Square). The lift almost immediately became a […]

Praça do Comercio, the commercial centre of Lisbon

Praça do Comercio

Praça do Comercio Lisbon's old entry port for all goods arriving by boat. Today it's a highly touristic spot bustling with restaurants and patios! By Serge Larose & Elisandra Buges Intro After the 1755 Lisbon earthquake, the square along with many other historical landmarks, were destroyed. The square was completely remodeled as part of the […]

São Jorge Castle, one of Lisbon’s top attractions

São Jorge Castle

São Jorge Castle Come here for the spectacular views of Lisbon city through various lookouts and be sure to explore the empty fortification. By Serge Larose & Elisandra Buges Intro São Jorge Castle should be on your list if you're planning to visit Lisbon city. We can't think of just one reason to visit the […]

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