TOP 18 things to do in Tallinn – Estonia

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We need to start this introduction about “TOP 18 things to do in Tallinn – Estonia“, saying that we had already an opportunity to visit many places in Europe and we love to share our experiences in each one of them to inspire you.

However today we are especially excited and super happy to talk about Tallinn – Estonia and share our visit to this memorable place, where our visit was so perfect, with a wonderful weather, with a blue sky that is hard to believe it was real until we start to see our pictures again, and again!

Two of our friends that live in Europe recommended to visit Tallinn when we were in a two months tour in Europe and we got really curious to know a little more about it. So, we decided from Warsaw take an airplane to Tallinn.

Tallinn was a great surprise for us since the airport, which was really modern, clean and we felt welcome.

The city in Medieval style, also brings many colors in your home, excellent tourist structure where in all the streets of the old city you can find descriptions not only of the tourist spots, but also of ordinary houses, telling a little of the history of that place. Everyone was friendly with us, everyone speaks English

The city also offers several sights, including special places where you can have an entire view of the city and its murals even for Free.

In this post we will share the TOP 15 things to do in Tallinn, with places we have visited and many other Tips to enjoy this amazing city!

Leave a comment if you liked it or with other suggestions in case you have already visited Tallinn!

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Where to Stay

We usually do not recommend places where we stay because we think it’s very personal and so far we have not had any kind of sponsor from Hotels, Hostels etc, only the discounts we receive from Booking.com because we are Genius.2.

However there are exceptions to some places that we make a point of recommending, because we really like it as the “Angleterre Apartments” in Tallinn” we stayed that we would even live there if we had opportunity!

The Angleterre Apartments gave us a really cozy apartment, clean, modern style, with a nice view and quiet space to rest and sleep, with all we needed to stay a couple of days, well located 200 meters from the Old Historic town and lots of things around as restaurant, shopping mall and even we walked from there to get our Boat to Finland!

The best thing is that really affordable compared to many other cities we stayed in Europe!

So, feel free to consult the Angleterre Apartments in Booking.com where we can also have the link in our Website – Plan your trip!


Places to visit

Here starts the list of the 15 Top things we did in Tallin.

Most of the places we saw from outside only since we got beautiful sunny day, however our main suggestion to you it’s to get lost and the beautiful streets of Tallinn and you will understand why when you get there.

Tallinn has that Medieval style from the old movies, a charming style as all Europeans cities and good and colorful vibes from the well maintained houses around.

We were surprised how they keep the Old Center totally clean, well maintained for the tourists where you can read the history of each place in the signs around city, covered with glasses.

We hope you enjoy and get inspired to visit this gorgeous city, checking their main attractions below, but also getting all of their culture and history when you get there.

1. Tallinn Town Hall square

We walked to Tallinn’s historic center the first morning, as we were 5 minutes walking distance from our apartment.

The first place we stopped it was the Tallinn Town Hall square where we had a quick breakfast to start our walking day.

We actually would suggest you start your visit at the Town Hall square, because it’s a place surrounded by restaurants and shops, where there was a fair of handicrafts and local products in the middle, and around you can visit several other places or have access to all the main streets that give access to the main monuments and sights of the city .

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Tallinn Tall Hall square


2. Tallinn Town Hall

The main attraction on the square mentioned above it’s actually the Town Hall, a beautiful medieval building that calls attention for the architecture right away and according information in their

Tallinn Tall Hall


3. Green area of Harju street

As mentioned before, from the Town Hall square you can take many other small streets.

We made our away to the green area of Harju street where you will find local signs explaining about the area that was designed based on the historical real state structure of the block, which is outlined by various elements: walls, landscaping and lighting when it’s dark outside. 

The Harju street guides you to some of the main tourist attractions from Tallinn as Alexander Nevsky Cathedral and you will also find around Harju Street Park:

  • St. Nichola’s Church;
  • War of Independence Victory Column;
  • Carved Stone Museum;


4. Alexander Nevsky Cathedral

Alexander Nevsky Cathedral is one of the main attractions in Tallin and it’s located in the Old Town of Tallinn and it’s around 10 minutes walking distance from the Old town main square.

This Orthodox cathedral was built by Mikhail Preobrazhensky in a typical Russian Revival style between 1894 and 1900 according Wikipedia, but looks like it was completed restored since Estonia regained independence from the Soviet Union in 1991.

It’s definitely an interesting place to visit for the history and for the beautiful architecture building to see inside, where you can see rich details and outside with different style, design, beautiful paintings and perfect colorful mosaics arts.

We visited during European spring of 2017 and we didn’t pay any entrance fee to visit inside, it was FREE entrance.

There is a souvenir shop inside of the church in case you want to buy some gifts.


5. Toompea hill and Castle

The Toompea hill and Castle are located near the famous Alexander Nevsky Cathedral and it’s also 10 minutes walking distance from the Old town main square.

We didn’t visit the building inside, and we saw there were English tours that you could book, but we won’t had enough time and we decided to walk around and check the beautiful views that this place has from Tallinn old town city and we think it’s a nice place to explore a little more if you have more time.


6. Danish King’s Garden

If you like legendary places with haunting stories, this is the place in Tallinn you shouldn’t miss.

Just behind Neitsitorni Museum, there is this amazing entrance for the “Short Leg Gate Tower”, that is considered one of the most haunted places in Tallinn and which looks like more a magic place that takes you back to Medieval time and according local information “The Gate used to be locked at night to stop the commom people of the lower town from bothering the nobility. Apparently, the gate was also supposed to stop the ghosts who were try to seak up to Toompea Hill from the Danish Kings Garden.

We didn’t go inside of the museum, but we totally recommend you spend a good time over there, because it’s just magic place. You will also find some artists selling their paintings from the gate and their ghosts!

As local sign that you can read in the place:

“The short Leg Gate Tower is one of the most haunted places in Tallinn.

There have been sightings of an infamous executed black monk, a lion anda ghostly galleon floating through the tower walls with its transparent sailsflowing”

By Local sign information you can read in the Danish King’s Garden


7. St Mary’s Cathedral

St Mary’s Cathedral is also a nice place to visit on Toompea Hill. It’s few minutes walking distance from Danish King’s Garden and Alexander Nevsky Cathedral.

We remember it was a Free entrance, however they have a tower that we are not sure if you should pay to go upstairs or not. Probably you can check it out in their Official Website.

According Wikipedia, originally established by Danes in the 13th century, it is the oldest church in Tallinn and mainland Estonia. It is also the only building in Toompea which survived a 17th-century fire.

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St. Mary’s Cathedral, Tallinn


8. Kohtuotsa Viewing platform

As already mentioned, Tallinn was a great surprise for us.

The city in Medieval style, also brings many colors in your home, excellent tourist structure where in all the streets of the old city you can find descriptions not only of the tourist spots, but also of ordinary houses, telling a little of the history of that place. Everyone was friendly with us, everyone speaks English

But if you want to have one of the best overview of Tallinn city you should take a walk to visit the Kohtuotsa Viewing platform, where you will have an amazing view of Tallinn’s gates, towers, constructions with beautiful colors!


9. Church of the Holy Spirit

Tallinn has beautiful churches to visit, they are all different in their way of construction and values, but the “Church of the Holy Spirit”, which according online information it was built in 13th century, was one of the most cozy and beautiful Gothic style church we saw in Tallinn Old town.

The church is small and cozy, and has a beautiful wooden ceiling, but what calls attention is the amazing colorful wooden Holy art decoration, including an impressive altar, rich in details.

You will need to pay a small fee to visit, but we think it’s totally worth. We paid back in 2017 the value of 1.50 euros, which was not expensive at all compared to others places in Europe, where usually you need to pay to visit the churches.


10. St. Olaf’s Church

St. Olaf’s church is a really beautiful church to visit, which is located just 7 minutes walking distance from the Old town Main Square, and it’s really nice to visit specially because you can climb the 123 meters high tower, with a narrow and kind of scared spiral staircase made in stones, that gives a little “adventure” feeling, but it’s totally worth when you get to the top and see the beautiful view from Tallinn old town city.

We didn’t pay entrance fee to see the church, however if you decide to climb the staircase tower you need to pay a small fee, we paid 2 euros back in 2017.


  • Comfortable shoes are recommended, specially if you decide to climb the staircase tower;
  • If you are afraid of heights, do not start to climb the tower, it’s kind of scared;
  • Check on line the church open hours and if you prefer to visit without a tour guide, as we did, it’s always nice to read a little about the history of the church, even in Wikipedia.


11. Walls of Tallinn

If you are visiting Tallinn, you will surely be passing in front of the Walls of Tallin, since it’s a medieval construction that surrounds the city which is a landmark of Tallinn Old Town and according to Wikipedia, it was ordered to be built in 12th century and it were enlarged in the 14th century.

We didn’t have time to visit inside, so we just walked around, however we saw it’s possible to pay small entrance fees and get tickets to walk around it and visit some of the historic rooms inside. (opens in a new tab)”>< CLICK HERE > to check open hours and get further information about it.

You will also find some beautiful point views around Tallinn hills to see the walls and the many gates and towers around the city, which make this place really special to visit.


12. St. Catherine’s Passage

If you are visiting Tallinn, try to find your way to this passage that takes you back to Medieval times and fills your imagination as if you were in a movie setting. 

The passage, with its arches giving a special medieval charm, also shows some descriptions referring to “14th to 15th century tombstones from the St Chaterine’s Friary in Tallinn”.

We found this walkway really special and it’s kind of hidden, you can see from our pictures that we went there end of afternoon and nobody was around.

Then we would suggest to take a note and don’t miss to walk there.