Discovering Bratislava architecture

Where City Walls of Bratislava

Discovering City walls, Bratislava.

From the Old Town to Bratislava Castle, next to the Cathedral you'll see a huge wall.  According to online information, it was part of a fortification construction that started at the end of 14th century.  The most part of it was demolished, so it was decided to integrate it to the city suburbs.

We technically just passed through the bridge linking the castle and the old town.  We only took some pictures around the enormous walls, and didn't quite realize what it was until we did our research online.  So maybe it would be worth to spend a little more time around and get to know more about the history.

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Do we recommend ? Yes, it's an interesting place to visit.

Below are a few pictures from Bratislava.  As always, you are welcome to visit our Flickr page for more of Discovering Bratislava

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