Discovering St Michael’s Gate, Bratislava

Where St Michael’s Gate, Bratislava

Discovering St Michael’s Gate

We took the tram to Bratislava old town.  The hotel staff was suggested a couple of exits to start discovering the city.  So we chose to start with St Michael’s Gate, which is also a good way to access the Old Town main square.

Where is it ?

You should exit on ‘Hurbanovo Námestie’ and follow indications to the gate.  It’s easy to spot because there is a medieval tower on top in Baroque style.  According to St Micheal’s Gate’s website it was built in the middle of 14th century.  You might notice a statue up top, of the archangel Michael, slaying a dragon.

On our way through the city gate, we saw tourists on the skyward.  We skipped this part, since we only had 24 hours in Bratislava.   Therefore, we are not sure if there is an entrance fee or not.

On the way in…

On the way through the gate there’s a neat “zero kilometer” plate which lists the distances of 29 world capitals from Bratislava.  At that moment, we saw that we were roughly 6981 kilometres away from home.

Serge: 5  Eli:  5

Do we recommend ? Yes, Discovering St Michael’s Gate, Bratislava is a beautiful medieval tower and a must see.

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