Discovering where to eat, Europe

Discovering where to eat - McGovern's restaurant

Discovering where to eat in Europe

While travelling, part of the fun is to discovering where to eat.  But, most of all, discovering typical and local dishes and eat like the locals.  There's no need to pay a fortune or go bankrupt with fine dining.  Also, while in a foreign country, isn't worth trying a different routine ?

As a result, we've made a list of places to eat from various cities we've visited in Europe.

Here's what's worth trying...

  • London – England

London is an expensive city and if you want to be on budget you will need to explore the Discovering where to eat - london_piecity to find where to get good food for cheaper.  It was our first international trip together, so we spent much time researching guides and maps.  We hoped to visit 'The Punch Tavern', but we never quite made it there.  We did find another quite decorative pub called, The Blackfriar, located on Queen Victoria st.  The pub is on the north side of the River Thames, close to the Millennium bridge and the Blackfriar bridge.

“The Blackfriar”, is located in the heart of London in an historic building full of character.  Waiting for you, is a delicious pie that you will never forget!

The Blackfriar, address:

174 Queen Victoria Street, London, Greater London, EC4V 4EG

London also offers options of nice open street markets that you can get maybe not so traditional English food, but a great price deal.


  • Zagreb – Croatia

Discovering where to eat - panpekUpon our arrival in Croatia, we were completely disoriented.  It's unlike most cities we've travelled to, most probably because of the foreign language.  Luckily we were visiting a friend who acted as our guide.  She showed us downtown pastries with unique local sweets.  The image shown is a sweet from a Bakery called Pan-Pek Cafe.  We forget the name of this delicious custard filled pastry but we can tell you it was really delicious.

Pan-Pek Café, address:

Planinska ul. 2a, 10000, Zagreb, Croatia


  • Cita Alta – Bergamo - Italy

discovering where to eat - italy pizza
When discovering Cita Alta in Bergamo we were lucky to find “Pizza alla Fara”.  They sold
a kind of pizza pie, with dough on top (just so you get the picture).  It a great pizza, and the price was right.  Funny we didn't have to visit an expensive and fancy restaurant to have one of the best pizza's.  Since it's located in the heart of City Alta, the restaurant offers a great rustic view of the city.

Pizza alla Fara, address:

Via Porta Dipinta, 34, 24129 Bergamo BG, Italy


  • Lyon – France


Discovering where to eat - lyon salad
France is famous for the world renown architecture and gourmet food.  However, you need to know what to order because you can get an unexpected surprise.
Luckily our guide and friend Renaud properly advised us.  In Lyon we got one of the best salads ever.  We are not huge fans of salads, but this was a great one.

Le Mercière, address:

56 Rue Mercière, 69002 Lyon, France


  • Howth - Irland

If you have an opportunity to go to Dublin Ireland, take at least ½ day and visit Howth.  It's is a small city with a beautiful beach full of sailboats.  There is also a nice hike path along the coastline which is really worth checking out.  Look out for Beshoff Bros' Fish & chips, which is kind of a fast food joint, but really good.

Beshoff Bros, address:

12 Harbour Road, Howth, Co. Dublin


  • Malahide - Ireland

Ireland is an island, it's only logical they eat fish.  We discovered that Fish & Chips was one of their delicacies.   Discovering where to eat - McGovern's restaurantWe highly recommend this place in Malahide.  It's just 30 minutes away by train from Dublin.   Not only is the food great but Malahide is full of great histories, landscapes and food.

One of the best Fish & Chips we ever ate was at McGovern’s Restaurant & Wine bar.  It tasted fresh and crispy.  The plate was nicely decorated with classic ambiance and very affordable.

McGovern’s Restaurant, address:

‪Main Street, Malahide dublin, Ireland


  • Dublin - Ireland

Discovering where to eat - Quays restaurant Dublin offers a lot of options for Pubs and restaurants.  The most noteworthy places for stew were located on Temple Bar Street.
We discovered a delicious and traditional Guinness Irish stew, after a long day of sightseeing.  This is a perfect dish 3/4 of the year, when the temperature is a little cooler.

Quay's restaurant,  address:

12 Temple Bar, Dublin, Ireland


  • Irish Breakfast – Dublin - Ireland

Discovering where to eat - Copper alley bistro
Lastly, the “Irish Breakfast”.  We found a great place on our second day in Dublin
.  This was the ''perfect'' breakfast to start the day.  In the sense that you can fill up in the morning of a long sight seeing tour.  It's almost the same to the American style breakfast, the twist; white & black pudding, fried tomato, the ability to add beans and mushrooms.
Furthermore, some don't like white & black pudding because of the strange taste, but it's worth trying at least once in Ireland.

Copper Alley Bistro, address:

2 Lord Edward St, Wood Quay, Dublin 2, Ireland


  • Brussels - Belgium

Discovering where to eat - belgium street food
Prior to discovering Brussels, we knew they were all about chocolate and beer.  Once there, what you discover is their delicious street food.  You can order a simple waffle from the street vans or the amazing (to die for) waffles and the famous street fries.  They are pretty common in Old Brussels. More specifically, in the historic & touristic centre.

Give it a try, we're sure it'll be something you will never forget.  It may not look healthy, but who's counting calories on vacation anyway ?

Friterie Tabora, address:

Rue de Tabora 2, 1000 Bruxelles, Belgium


  • Bruges - Belgium

Discovering where to eat - cambrinus brugesWe struck it rich in Bruges! Maria from the B&B Het Colettientje, acted as our personal guide.  The morning we arrived, she helped us settle in and reviewed the city map with us.  She asked us a couple of questions, about our plans and helped us make reservations at Bierbrasserie Cambrinus for dinner.  She was apprehensive about getting us a table, but she succeed.  Finally, this was a really nice ambience in an incredible location.  Our table was in a prime location, at the entrance window.  We were grateful for the reservations.  Otherwise we would have been like the countless people getting turned away.  So for those beer lovers out there, this place has a Beer Bible !

Bierbrasserie Cambrinus, address:

Philipstockstraat 19, 8000 Brugge, Belgium

  • Amsterdam - Holland

Discovering where to eat - cheese dinnerWe didn't particularly rave about the food in Amsterdam.  Maybe we didn’t know exactly
where to go.  One thing we remember though is the cheese!  Another one of those discoveries made on sight.  One night we stayed in and made a bread and cheese dinner.

On a small budget ? Buy yourself different types of cheese, a baguette of bread & a bottle of wine and you're all set !  For us, it was the perfect stay in night, since it was humid, cold and raining outside.

Cheese Factory Volendam, address:

Haven 25, 1131 EP Volendam, Netherlands

Bon appétit !

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