Discovering London & Underground – Europe Part 1 :

Part 1 : Discovering London for a couple of days.

We stayed in a hostel seconds away from Hyde park.  Upon our arrival from our redeye flight, we could only leave our bags in the hostel but we couldn’t check in yet as it was 7am.  So we went on foot, discovering the Hyde park.  discovering london - hyde_parkWith a map of London but no sense of orientation, we headed southwest crossing Albert Memorial and onto Kensington Gore.  We walked west all the way down following the Hyde park until we felt completly exhausted, which is when we found a park bench and counted the minutes until our check in.  We rested all afternoon, from 2pm until roughly 6pm at which point we headed out to find something to eat.

This time we walked in the city center direction using Bayswater rd.   We found a restaurant near SoHo district then went to see Harry Potter Half Blood Prince at the discovering london - night_outEmpire Leicester square theatre.  Still very much jetlagged, I wasn’t even able to appreciate the movie as I ended up falling asleep.  We found ourselves at Picadilly Circus,
at this point it felt like I was dreaming still groggy from my nap in the cinema.  We were hypnotized by the flashing lights and double decker busses and somehow we managed to head back to our hostel without getting lost.

We recharged and ready to go again.  Important to mention that we were experiencing 2 consecutive days of sun in London which made us think that all this grey weather and rain was a myth.  We experienced the Tube for the first time, which is the name for the Underground metro system.  We exited at Charing Cross which brings you to a type of square just in front of the National Gallery.  The museum was free but accepted any form of donations.  You could see all types of currency in this see through sphere piggy bank.

We like visiting museums but prefer sightseeing outside, especially structures like castles or say, Buckingham Palace !  It was quite a walk to the Palace, we especially recall The Mall.  A huge street closed off called The Mall.  We kept walking and found ourselves crossing the river Thames.  We saw the London Eye and all the artists lined up either dancing or drawing.  discovering London - london eyeI regret now not paying for a ride on the London Eye but at 28pounds a person and my budget back then – I’m not sure I would change my decision today.  The weather started to change so we made our way inside the Hayward Gallery.

We spent the rest of the day exploring Big Ben.  Also known as the Great Bell of the clock (north end of the Palace of Westminster) and the Westminster Abbey.  It felt like a short night because we knew that we were travelling to Zagreb the following morning.  We reserved our taxi driver for the following day, taking a little stress off from the travel day.

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