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Part 2 – flying to Zagreb

Part 2 : our trip to Zagreb

We left London, had a short layover in Coln, Germany - which wasn't quite long enough to leave the airport.  I practiced my German by asking for a sandwich, half English half German.  But the woman behind the counter, obviously spoke English and seemed amused that I was at least trying.  It's probably not everyone that gives it a shot.  This was my first time attempting to speak with someone else.

We boarded the plane to our next destination.  One thing I vividly recall is everyone clapping their hands once we landed in Zagreb.  It felt like a celebration that we were on vacation as opposed to having landed properly.  We met Lia's friend at the airport, she was there with her child and we quickly got to know each other and grabbed a taxi to her place.  Once there we set our bags down, she showed us her place and our room.  It was 100 times better than our hotel experience in London, so we laughed.  We got ready and left not long after, taking the bus to the city centre.  Everything was different, the ticket, the feel, the roads - it was really cool.

We visited the city centre and went around the car rental places, checking for a way to trek across to France.

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