Discovering St George Basilica, Prague

Discovering St George's Basilica

Where St George Basilica

Discovering St George Basilica, Prague

The Prague Castle circuit we selected gave us access to St George Basilica.  First of all, it’s a 10th-century basilica.  According to history, it was rebuilt in 1142 because of a major fire.  The structure displays a baroque facade & Bohemian art.

Furthermore, it’s a small basilica which presents a very intimate sentiment.  Above all, it holds a 19th century Bohemian art collection, a Gothic style chapel dedicated to Ludmila of Bohemia holds the tomb of the saint. Additionally, the shrines of Vratislav and Boleslaus II of Bohemia are also in the basilica.

According to Wikipedia, the basilica was founded by Vratislaus I of Bohemia in 920, furthermore it is dedicated to Saint George.

Where is it ?
Discovering St George Basilica, Prague
Walking distance from St Vitus Cathedral

Moreover, in our picture gallery, you’ll find a building with a red facade and two yellow-ish towers on either side.  That’s the basilica, located just around back from St Vitus Cathedral !

Do we recommend ?

Absolutely, make sure to include it in your circuit along with St Vitus, Prague Castle and Golden Lane !  Not only a great refuge when it rains in Prague but lots to discover indoors. First the Bohemian art collection, the basement tomb and shrines !

Serge: 4+  Eli:  4+

Spending some time in Prague ?  Come back to see more attractions as we move across the city !

* St Vitus Cathedral steals the show
* On the small scale but impactful, St George Basilica

Hidden gems

The fortress within the city, and a truly great discovery Vyšehrad
Not your average architecture – the Dancing House
For beer lovers, check out the Prague Beer Museum

City centre

Great place to start discovering is – Staroměstské náměstí !
Consider a morning/evening walk across the famous Charles bridge


Lots to discover in Hradčany for example, Prague Castle !
A walk down Golden Lane and the Torture Chamber

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