Discovering Gardens of Versailles

Discovering Versailles Palace

Discovering Versailles Palace

Gardens of Versailles

Logistics about the Gardens

The gardens have a separate entrance from the Palace.  (Here is our Versailles Palace review.)  We went on a busy day and to avoid waiting in line, it was suggested to start visiting the gardens first and the Palace later.  We are appreciative of this indication, because their suggestion helped us maximize our time.  The garden queue was a little messy to enter but was cut by half compared to the Palace queue.  Thus, we could immediately access the gardens.

Focus everywhere

Upon entering the garden you might find it difficult to focus on one unique spot.  Everything around is so beautiful, amazing landscapes in the classic French Garden style, beautiful sculptures, secret gardens.  Accessing the garden early was great, however we were too early so the fountains weren't turned on yet.

Here's a suggested link to book your tickets in advance 👇🏻


Garden links

Think of the Versaille Garden as a passage between the Palace and the Petit Trianon.  The latter is basically another palace.   As you approach the Petit Trianon, you'll notice an artificial lake.  What's cool about this particular spot, we saw people doing picnics, interacting with the animals and even rent paddle boats.

There's more

Make sure to continue down the path to visit the “Petit Trianon”.  It's small but really beautiful and well decorated palace located to the Southeast of Versaille Palace.  This is where Marie Antoinette was going to escape the formality of the court life and to shake off the burden of her royal responsibilities (according to Wikipedia).

They also have live music during the day.  Ask about a map or an employee at the information booth.  Stay informed with the official website in order to stay tuned on up to the minute news.

Our Ratings

We both really enjoyed the Versailles Gardens.
Serge: 5  Eli:  5

Do we recommend ?

Yes, it's a beautiful and picturesque garden, one of the nicest ones we saw in Europe thus far.

  1. Get ready to walk a lot, so bring comfortable shoes.
  2. It's nicer to visit during a sunny day, however bring yourself a hat, sun block and water.  We fried in the sun waiting to get into the palace.
  3. We believe it’s better to visit the gardens in the morning. This way you will get less people around which makes for quiet moments and nicer pictures.
  4. Don’t forget to visit the “Petit Trianon” in the back.  It's a hidden gem and really worth checking out.
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