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Discovering Sacre-Coeur, Paris

We visited the Sacre Coeur Basilica on Easter Sunday of 2017.  The church is located in the top of the butte Montmartre, which appears to be the highest point in Paris.  Fear not, it’s not so steep of a hike and besides, you can take a funicular on the way up if you like.  So to recap, you can make your way up via streets or take the steep 300 steps hurdle to the top powered by your legs.  Alternatively, you can take the Funicular up for the price of a metro ticket (roughly). Which is really not expensive.  Unfortunately (or not) we found out about the funicular on the way down.  It was really cool and we recommend it

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Discovering Arc de Triomphe, Paris

A really cool way to access the Arc de Triomphe is passing through les Champs Elysées avenue. This way you can visit multiple major landmarks in one day as you walk up the avenue. The Arc is located in the centre of Place Charles de Gaulle roundabout.  The ‘best’ way to access for a closer view is by taking the underground tunnel.  The underground passage allows to cross the two extremities of the roundabout. To our surprise, we noticed people trying to cross the roundabout by foot and recommend that you don’t try the same. Once you arrive, you have two options; you can go around and take some pictures for Free (which is what we did) or can pay

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Les Champs-Elysées, Paris

Discovering Les Champs-Elysées. We were happy to get to Champs-Elysées avenue and see one of the most famous avenues in the world.  The street is lined up with many stores, restaurants and glamorous buildings.  It’s really  fancy and chic like everyone describes it.  We weren’t in Europe on a shopping spree but had to take a quick look. Let’s just say, you can spend an abundance of time here and won’t have issue finding restaurants, cafes etc We also visited a small galleries, which is a good alternative to the higher prices on the avenue. A good idea to plan your day is to start by visiting the Louvre Museum, then a nice stroll through the Jardin des Tuileries (or

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The Louvre in Paris

Discovering the Louvre in Paris

Majestic The Louvre museum, simply put is majestic. Just staring at the building’s architecture brings a sense of awe.  Furthermore, there is a deep and rich history if you chose to uncover more than meets the eye. Although the Museum is huge and offers an amazing art collection, we noticed one curious detail.  Everyone seemed to be searching for the Mona Lisa.  We are not big on visiting museums and mainstream attractions.  We prefer seeking to create our own adventures and search for hidden gems.   However we felt visiting the Louvre was a must. More than the Mona Lisa For example, when we visited the room with the Mona Lisa, we found everyone staring at the tiny picture while

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Discovering Riddarhuset, Stockholm

Trying to find our names in Swedish nobility! 🙂 Riddarhuset was recommended by a Swedish friend.  We made dinner plans as we arrived in Stockholm and asked the typical question ‘where to visit’ ?  We enjoy touristy attractions and also the obscure and less obvious sights.  Our friend mentioned a couple of interesting places, on that list was the House of Nobility.  He told us to be mindful of the short window when scheduling a visit.  In fact, the House of Nobility is only open between 11-12noon, something to keep in mind when planning a visit. According to Wikipedia, the House of Nobility is a corporation and a building that maintains records and acts as an interest group on behalf

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Discovering Viktualienmarkt, Munich

We just loved this daily food market! We’re not sure how to pronounce Viktualienmarkt. But that’s no problem as long as you like food and enjoy a drink. Munich isn’t a huge city, so it’s really not that hard to get there.  The market is really near the centre of the city walls.  It’s just a fun place to stay for few hours, have some food and drinks with lots of people around! The farmer’s market that is really popular for gourmets has a bit of everything you can imagine. You will find cheese, fruits, flowers, good wine, sausages, traditional German food, non traditional German food and, of course, lots of beer. We arrived there after a day walking around

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Discovering St-Pierre Church, Mont Saint-Michel

A nice break! While discovering the Mont Saint-Michel, we took a small break from the touristic area and visited Église Saint-Pierre.  Not that we needed a break, however continuously being surrounded by herds of tourists can fell exhausting. The entire island, if you will, is like a labyrinth and maze to be discovered.  It’s truly impressive to see the work of art and discover all areas.  As we wandered off the beaten path we discovered a small yet charming church called Saint-Pierre.  We first discovered the cemetery, which led us to the church. It doesn’t appear to be a church from outside as the structure blends in with the surrounding homes.  Looking at the building, the only indication suggesting it’s

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