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Discovering St-Pierre Church, Mont Saint-Michel

A nice break! While discovering the Mont Saint-Michel, we took a small break from the touristic area and visited Église Saint-Pierre.  Not that we needed a break, however continuously being surrounded by herds of tourists can fell exhausting. The entire island, if you will, is like a labyrinth and maze to be discovered.  It’s truly impressive to see the work of art and discover all areas.  As we wandered off the beaten path we discovered a small yet charming church called Saint-Pierre.  We first discovered the cemetery, which led us to the church. It doesn’t appear to be a church from outside as the structure blends in with the surrounding homes.  Looking at the building, the only indication suggesting it’s

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Discovering Hofbräuhaus, Munich

Imagine a happy place, then go and find it at Hofbräuhaus! Munich was lots of fun and one of the best destinations for sure. The city is beautiful, clean and charming.  We really liked the historic town and a new town, good transportation, food, beer and Hofbräuhaus !!! Hofbräuhaus is located in the old town, so for sure at some point you will pass in front while visiting the city.  You won’t miss the heard of tourists in front nor the blue checkered flag and gold logo – HB with a crown hovering over it. We passed in front during lunch time and we saw a big line outside.  At which point we decided to wait and visit other parts

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Plaza de Armas

Plaza de Armas, Santiago

Plaza de Armas is a great way to start your Santiago Chile tour! It’s located downtown.  Chances are, you will find lots of tourism agencies and guides trying to sell you some tours.  Plaza de Armas was also our starting point for the Santiago Free Walking tour, check out our vlog here.  We recommend visiting the square and running with the Free Walking tour. The tour presents you with the opportunity to visit all streets of Santiago.  Our guide showed us many great locations that we later returned.  More on that in other blogs from Santiago, Chile. As in most cities, you will will lots of history in the centre hub of Plaza de Armas.  You will find many statues

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Discovering Centro Textil Acllas, Sacred Valley

Best place to get into Peruvian textiles culture This was the first stop from our daily excursion of the sacred valley.  We were fortunate enough to discover this place because of our taxi driver, and new friend Alex.  He suggested visiting this place and told us the prices were far better than any market around.  Let’s just say the quality can differ from one location to another!  If visiting Chinchero, make sure to add some time to visit Centro Textil Acllas ! We were welcomed with a big smile and a cup of tea ! We were still adjusting to the altitude and they took great care of us.  Great reception! The place is simple but really well organized to

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Discovering Mur des je t’aime, Paris

Lovely place to discover !! Paris is well described as “The city of Love” yet often overshadowed by larger landmarks such as l’Arc de Triomphe and the Eiffel Tower. After visiting all the mainstream and famous places in Paris, we were down to discovering various arrondissements.  On our list was one of the most famous neighbourhoods of Paris called Montmartre.  It’s by pure curiosity that we discovered “Le mur des je t’aime” walking from the metro station to the Sacré Coeur Basilica.  You will find the wall in a small square called Jehan Rictus. The mural artist Claire Kito get the attention of lots of tourists.  The wall is composed of many tiles with inscriptions and messages of love.  We

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Discovering Rosenborg Castle, Copenhagen

Beautiful architecture and art! Rosenborg Castle is a great destination when visiting Copenhagen. Access to the garden is free and picture worthy or you can visit  castle for a reasonable price. We paid around $ 17.00cad each to visit the castle and the Treasure of Rosenborg’s, where you can see the Crown Jewels and other beautiful Danish Royal Jewel collections. According Wikipedia, Rosenborg is a renaissance castle that was originally built as a country summerhouse in 1606 and is an example of Christian IV’s many architectural projects. You can always try to go with a guided tour to understand the history behind of the castle, rooms and each piece of art displayed inside.  Otherwise, you can connect the Free wifi

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Discovering Hundertwasser Village

Perfect for those wants to discover a blend of Architecture & Nature For starters Vienna is a really beautiful city to visit !  However, the city centre can feel a little repetitive at times. Therefor Hundertwasser Village was the perfect discovery.  To visit the village, you need to travel just outside the city centre.  We exited the closest metro line and walked the remainder of the way. Definitely a very interesting place to visit, something like we’ve never seen before.  The village presented us with a new perspective of architecture incorporated with nature.  As shown in the pictures, it’s full of vibrant colours.  As you come up from the street, it appears very small.  Once you start exploring the various

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